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60Ah "All-day" MoVI XL battery + Charger

60Ah "All-day" MoVI XL battery + Charger

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Massive, all-day power for MoVI XL.

Equivalent to 6X Tattu LiPOs or 12X DJI TB50s at a fraction of the cost, and includes a charger. 


The BRUTAL MoVI XL slipring allows larger power sources to be used without compromises of twisted cables or cumbersome batteries mounted on the head requiring frequent change-outs. 

Our MoVI XL battery is designed to be plugged in at the start of the day, and never looked at again until the shoot is over. This single battery has the same capacity a 3x dual battery change-outs on the MoVI XL, or 3x quad-battery change-outs if using the Ignite Digi TB50 adapters.

Because the battery uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells and not Lithium Polymer (LiPO), you'll never have to worry about balance charging, or scary swelling LiPO's again. 

Simply charge overnight and be ready to shoot in the morning! 


  • LiFePO4 for chemical/thermal stability
  • 265mm x 170mm x 150mm
  • 11kg/24lbs
  • XT90 Anti-spark connector
  • Includes 5A Charger

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